Dotster Uptime and Website Speed

Dotster Uptime Rating (Basic Hosting). Our website uptime percentage is field tested here. We are monitoring our own account and detect the client website uptime downtime. Here is our website uptime for the pass few years, and it was rated at 99.687%. Anyone who love this web hosting company will find very cheap domain price here and now a really good website hosting services too. With this high percentage of website availability rate, we are sure their customer websites will be available online at most of the time. Any unwanted problems or failure will be minimized and won’t affect the normal site operation.

Website uptime rating

Dotster Speed Test (Basic Hosting). What is Dotster speed test and loading time?We are going to check their server and find out either its speed is fast or slow. With our hosting account, we are checking this server performance and test its response time. From latest website speed test, we know the server is responsive and get connected in 0.32 second. But the server loading time is rather slow at 2 seconds to load the website.

Website speed test