Unbiased Dotster reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Dotster review site is hosted with Dotster.com. This is our own website hosted with their shared hosting plan. We have our own group of editors to check on various web hosting services and rating them accordingly. We are checking the overall service quality, test it and rate it fairly. This is a real web host review site with true facts and this is what webmaster need and should have. Unlike any other web hosting review sites online which only review their feature specification and not having any experience at all. We want to change this and provide real reviews instead. In here, we have all the detailed reviews and all the best coupons can be obtained in here too.

Is Dotster web hosting any good? This web host is now offering cheap domain names registration service and  quality web hosting plan at affordable price. They have added high performance VPS and web design services tool. This is truly the one stop center for your website needs. We can start from nothing and start registering a new domain name and later host it here. If we need website design service, it is provided as an upgrade option too. We love their one-stop website hosting solution and we think it really works.

This is a 150% green web host and they use green server that is highly energy efficient, and they plant trees for their customers too. They have triple efforts to make sure their web hosting services is greener than the rest.

Dotster Homepage

Dotster reviews on shared web hosting service. From time to time, we will add new products and services to their website. And in here we are seeing this new instant website feature and it enable user to create and publish website instantly and within few minutes. From signup to online website is only a few steps away. For most webmasters, their shared hosting services are sufficient. Right now, they are having three shared hosting plans as following:

  1. Basic plan from $3.75
  2. Deluxe plan from $6.75
  3. Ultra plan from $13.75

Shared hosting and features

Dotster reviews on vDeck control panel. Their all new control panel is upgrading to vDeck software. Yes, it is now using vDeck and this is the only option available. User cannot choose to switch back to the previous Parallels platform. This vDeck is a more popular option and there are obviously more web hosts are switching over to this server software as it is more user-friendly, reliable and offering more features as well. We have experienced this here, and we love the new changes. This is just another supreme feature upgrade and we totally love it.

Dotster vDeck control panel

Dotster reviews on parallels control panel. Previously, they are using parallels control panel for their web hosting package instead. There are advantages and disadvantages of using this parallels control panel for web hosting account. We have been using this older type of software for over one year and it is obviously lack of features. Even the most basic website management features are not included in here and it had caused some unwanted inconvenient. Basically what we can do and how we want to configure our site is totally limited by this platform and its limited tools. We are glad they are now switching and upgrading to the latest vDeck control panel.

Parallels control panel

Dotster reviews on Simplescripts installer tool. The more popular Simplescripts apps installer is now available. We have experience using this Simplescripts in other web hosting plan that we own, for example IPage, Powweb and Fatcow hosting. These are the top web hosts that provide this 1-click installer for free and we are looking at the same apps right here with Doster.com too.

Dotster Simplescripts installer

Dotster reviews and overall rating. We have been hosting with them and using their budget shared service for so many years, and with these real experience in hand, we are able to rate this web hosting company accurately. We know their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and therefore we know what is their good and bad. In here, we are reviewing all the top web hosts and this Dotster.com is rated with the same system. We have 15 rating criteria and checked on their every corners, simply to make sure we checked on everything. Either this web hosting company is good or suitable for your next website hosting needs is related to our following rating scores. We have given them a good rating of 9.0 out of 10.

Dotster rating and score.

Dotster coupon 25% discount (use this signup link)

This Black Friday, choose to register for selected domain extension and get one-off 35% discount. This is limited time promotion and valid for this weekend only. Choose your favorite domains and register it before the holiday deals end. This coupon is valid for selected domain TLD and not applicable for any web hosting products.

Black Friday sales

Dotster coupon for Summer sales 2014. This is the warmest season and this Summer we are seeing the best web hosting sales right here and their services are now ranging from 15% to 25% in discount. According to this sales promotion, their coupon price is as following:

  • Use “25summer” for 25% saving.
  • Use “20summer” for 20% saving.
  • Use “15summer” for 15% saving.

Dotster Summer Sale 2014

What is the best Dotster coupon code? Which code will give the highest discount? The biggest promotion price can be the Black Friday web hosting discount price. They are giving 25% discount on domain name and web hosting. Use the coupon code “black25″ that offering 25% saving. Valid for November 25th.

Black Friday Sales

Dotster coupons on 15%, 20% and 25% saving. One thing for sure, they are seriously promoting their web hosting services this year. Signup using the coupon “feb25″ on your order of above $80 dollars and this will entitle you for 25% discount. This promotion will be valid until 11th February 2013 and this coupon is valid until this date only. Use coupon code “feb25″ for this 25% savings.

Dotster coupon 25%

Dotster coupons on Memorial day sales. Signup during Memorial day promotion and get huge saving. Use the following coupon codes to entitle for the special discount and promotion:

  1. Use coupon “BOGODOMAIN”.
    Buy 1 domain and receive 1 FREE new domain for 1 year.
  2. Use coupon “FREEDOMAIN”.
    Buy any 1 year and above hosting plan and receive 1 new domain.
  3. Use coupon “WHOISSALE”.
    Get $4.99 for 1 year private registration.

Dotster coupons Mothers day sale. When you spend over 50 dollars on one order, you are entitle for special discount from $15% to $25% discount! Use the following coupon and it will gives instant discount as following:

  1. “MOTHERS15″ (spend $50 and save 15% on order).
  2. “MOTHERS20″ (spend $75 and save 20% on order).
  3. “MOTHERS25″ (spend $150 and save 25% on order).
  4. “GOMOBI” ($9.99 .MOBI domains for 1 year).

This Dotster.com is frequently offering various web hosting sales and promotion. From time to time, we have big web hosting sales and domain registration at bargain price too. This is a big name in domain registrar business and no mistake these promotion are attracting large number of customer signup and making new purchase.

Dotster reviews on actual website uptime

Dotster uptime rating for basic hosting. Our website uptime percentage is field tested here. We are monitoring our own account and detect the client website uptime downtime. Here is our website uptime for the pass few years, and it was rated at 99.687%. Anyone who love this web hosting company will find very cheap domain price here and now a really good website hosting services too. With this high percentage of website availability rate, we are sure their customer websites will be available online at most of the time. Any unwanted problems or failure will be minimized and won’t affect the normal site operation.

Website uptime rating

Dotster domain expiry and renewal process

Currently we are having two domain names hosted here, one of it is registered through them. For this reason, we are require to renew the domain via this registrar and uses their domain setting interface. When registering the domain name with the web hosting company, the biggest worry is the future renewal process and price. Some web hosts are charging far more than they should be, and ripped off their customer account. What we seeing here with Dotster.com is far more better than expected.

Today we received this email stating our domain is expiring soon. Here is the email:

Your Domain Is Scheduled To Expire in 60 Days 2015-01-13

One of your domain names is scheduled to expire in 60 days. If your
domain is enrolled in our Automated Domain Renewal Service (ADRS), we
will automatically initiate a one-year renewal 15 days prior to the expiry
date; we’ll send you more information about that process as it gets


The name due for renewal is:
Domain Name, Expiry Date
dotsterreviews.org, 2015-01-13

To see whether or not your domain will auto-renew, log into
DomainCentral, the Dotster domain management interface:


You should see a list of your domains, and a column on the far right
labeled “Renew.” Each of your domains should be listed as “Auto” or
“Manual.” If your domain has a “Manual” renewal, we recommend that you
renew it as soon as possible:

1) Click the “Manual” link for the domain name you wish to renew.

2) Select the number of years for which you want to renew the domain.

3) Verify your credit card information and process payment for the

If you have any questions, please let us know! We appreciate your
business and want to ensure that your services renew successfully. For
fastest service, submit a ticket via our online Support Console:


Best wishes,

The Dotster Team

Next thing to do is follow the instruction given, go to vDeck control panel and domain central. At here, pick the right domain, click on renew link, and choose number of years for renewal. Once confirmed the process, proceed with the payment and choose either credit card or PayPal payment. Complete the payment and the domain is renewed accordingly. We took about 5 minutes to complete these. The confirmation email was received after, and it look like this:

Dotsterreviews.org has been renewed.

Your “dotsterreviews.org” domain name has been successfully renewed!
The new expiration date for this domain is now 1/13/2017.

T double confirm this domain has been renewed correctly, user can choose to use WHOIS search and check on the details. For example, we can use http://whois.domaintools.com/dotsterreviews.org

Domain ID: D150629191-LROR
Creation Date: 2008-01-13T00:30:17Z
Updated Date: 2014-11-15T03:35:06Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2017-01-13T00:30:17Z
Sponsoring Registrar:Domain.com, LLC (R1915-LROR)

Dotster reviews on actual website speed test

Dotster speed test for basic hosting. What is website speed test and loading time?We are going to check their server and find out either its speed is fast or slow. With our hosting account, we are checking this server performance and test its response time. From latest website speed test, we know the server is responsive and get connected in 0.32 second. But the server loading time is rather slow at 2 seconds to load the website.

Website speed test

Writing quality web content

Marketing is technically the most vital aspect in business. It brings your product to the knowledge of people, aims to entice and manipulate them into purchasing what you offer, and that more or less needs very careful strategy. You decide about the price, about the design, the packaging, the advertisements and all those publicity stunts with the hope of getting a large share of consumers in the market. And because of the very competitive nature of business, marketing has reached surprisingly farther heights.

Digital marketing is the perfect example of how far marketing has gone. It all makes sense, as the internet, more than anything, connects people, encloses them into this intangible space in which they are force-fed with contents coming from other people, and organizations alike. The online world provides a ridiculously wider audience, and it would be a complete waste if businesses don’t take advantage of it.

However, it seems as if the difficulty in marketing over the internet grows as time goes by, what with all the online presences being established here and there, the unprecedented marketing ploys of different establishments in order to attract the target market, and the list goes. More than anything, the current dog-eat-dog situation in the digital marketing competition just reminds organizations that they should always keep their eyes open, or God forbid their online endeavors won’t end up so well. That means they have to be cunning and out-of-the-box and ahead-of-the-game. Albeit all these campaigns and innovative online strategies popping up every so often, the traditional principle still reigns: content is king.

Websites of establishments contain articles that consistently bring up the good about their products or services. That’s technically the only rule in web development. No room for self-deprecation, and it’s all a go. The thing is, there’s a fine line between content that spills out the good, and good content. Apparently, the latter covers the former, so the talk goes: why is it important to have a good content? Here are a few reasons why writing quality content for your website is more than necessary.

  •  The internet, as mentioned above, apparently has wider reach. That means more people can view your website, and more people can also mean greater diversification. You can’t just settle on content that is put up just for the sake of having content; you have to entice the many. And that many involves internet-users who actually think. Netizens are wiser and more impatient than ever, and the last thing they need is yet another dull website.
  • When internet-users end up on your website, there’s always the possibility that they will pay your products or services some attention. You can’t miss that opportunity, so better put that in mind when writing quality content for your website. Web content gives you a chance to establish your image, and that can only be done if your content is interesting.
  • The internet audience can be particularly keen and meticulous with your web content. You have to do your research well and proofread and polish your content before eventually posting it on the website for the general public.
  • A good content actually creates a good image. If your website contains rational and sensible stuff, then it wouldn’t be so hard to capture the audience and gain a good reputation.

The tips listed below can help in writing quality content for your website.

  • Content is about the information you could give regarding your establishment. And as informative as your article sounds to a lot of people, truth is still a top priority. Your website needs credibility to earn your prospective consumers’ trust, and that can only be gained with truthful web content. In writing quality content for your website, careful research should always be done to avoid errors on your facts. At the same time, these facts should remain factual, and not bent into an illusion you’d like your audience to see. Remember that deception always does not end up so well, so it is always better to stick with truthful information, no matter how unsatisfying.
  • The tone used on your website should also be put into careful consideration. A conversational type of content more often than not makes your readers feel more comfortable and more involved. A more formal tone projects a more serious and professional atmosphere. Although the latter is more appropriate to create a we-mean-business atmosphere, a conversational tone is still recommendable, as it keeps the whole website from being so serious and somehow languid.
  • Catch your readers’ attention right away by emphasizing what interests them. Internet-users initially just scan website for interesting stuff, and once they notice the thing that eventually catches their attention, they’d most likely peruse the whole article. Apparently, it would be difficult for them to scan content with a plain text from start to finish. Bold, italic, and underlined texts are created for a reason, so use them to your advantage in writing quality content for your website.
  • Make your content easily readable. Instead of long droning paragraphs, try clustering and creating subtopics or using bullets and numberings. These do not only help you organize the whole flow of the content, these also help in reducing the monotonousness of your website, making it easier for your readers to scan and read thoroughly.
  • Technicalities can change impression. Factual errors, as mentioned above, can negatively affect the image of an establishment. Technical errors on the other hand can do just as much. Grammar lapses and similar mistakes can make the business sound particularly less professional. Remember that websites are part of your establishment’s online reputation, so you should carefully proofread your content as much as possible in writing quality content for your website, to avoid these probable errors.

Digital marketing can be tough if you don’t learn the ropes fast enough. It’s all about the publicity after all, and the trends by these internet-users are rather hard to predict. Writing quality content for your website is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of marketing, as an effective website does not only show content that tells good about your business; it shows good content as well. The competition is toughening more and more, and you can do nothing but pace up with the flow. With the use of a very powerful tool that is the internet, writing quality content for your website might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Pros and cons of using free website hosting

Free website hosting can be a great tool if you are just starting an online business or web page and funds are restricted. Particularly in a tough economy such as the ones the world is currently experiencing, you should be more cost conscious than ever, but even so it may not be the best option available depending on what your needs are. There are many pros and cons to this type of hosting plan, and you should pour in the research necessary ahead of time before determining whether or not to use it.

Here are some things to keep in mind on the positive and the negative side as you embark on your online journey.

  1. Pros or advantages. The first pro of free web hosting is right there in the description – “free.” Obviously the effects of not having to pay for something can really help one out in the early stages of a business. When you have other costs and concerns to worry about, every little bit of savings does in fact help. Another great pro of free web hosting is that it allows you to start small and learn the ropes before expanding your needs. There are many web tools that can be used to build and promote a great website and being able to get used to these things before upping your investment is a very worthwhile thing. In other words, free web hosting gets you used to the lay of the land without causing you to bleed funds, something that is vital to every business this day and age. Still, it’s not all wine and roses using a free web hosting provider, as you’re about to see.
  2. Cons or disadvantages. Free hosting plans are limited in what they will offer you. While the prospect of “no risk” sounds great, it is only true for as long as you aren’t dealing in high traffic volumes. As you prepare to take your site to the next level, you quickly become aware of the limitations of a free hosting plan and how they affect your overall performance. Nothing drives folks away faster from your web page than poor functionality, and as your traffic increases, a free hosting plan will simply not be able to sustain the influx. Yet another con is the fact that many free hosting plans do not allow you to brand your business in the way that you would like. Take “Blogger dot com,” for instance. Sure you can start a blog there, but it will have the extension of “blogspot dot com” after your root domain. Hardly professional looking.

Before you set out to start a site and go all in with your marketing efforts be mindful of the pros and cons of free web hosting. If you are hunting for cheap web hosting plan or domain registration bargain, in this web hosting review site we have various coupons and discounts that giving incredible saving. Web hosting plan can be dirt cheap with the help of discount code and that is what we are giving away for free in here.